Meet the Staff




Murlaina Richardson

Also a group exercise leader at our local YMCA. Murlaina has been with Touch of Silver, Gold and Old for sixteen years. She does our bookkeeping, but is learning more about jewelry every day.


Favorite Case/Line: I like the Natural Stones case because of the uniqueness and beauty of all the different stones.
Fun Fact: She and her husband love animals.   She also has quite the green thumb and keeps our orchids and plants flourishing at the shop.



Molly Balcerak

She graduated from Indiana University, Molly has worked at Touch of Silver, Gold and Old for years. and helps Carol with her displays.   She is very artistic, a good salesperson, and brings element of her creativity to the displays.


Favorite Case/Line: My favorite case is the Southwestern case. I love the stones and just think everything is beautiful.
Fun Fact: Molly enjoys riding motorcycles and is saving up for a Harley Davidson. One of her many talents is drawing and her work has been shown in galleries. 

 We added Tatiana O'Neill and Lucy Harden as sales persons, which they have been a great asset to Touch of Silver.  We have also hired Mike Dyson as a Benchman who Albert trained 26 years

ago at the Old State Bank Building.