Southwestern and Native American Jewelry

Our Southwestern jewelry collection is one of the largest in Indiana. We see our Southwestern traders twice a year and travel to Tuscon to hand-pick all our amazing jewelry.

The collection is made up of sterling silver pieces set with not only turquoise, but a variety of different stones like: coral, lapis, sugalite, tiger's eye, onyx, bear claws, opal, and jasper. Many of our pieces are inlayed to create beautiful designs and scenes with a variety of stones. We also carry accomplished designers like Calvin Begay, Rosco Scott, and Effie Calavaza.

We have earrings, pendants, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, rings, watches, fetishes (carved figurines) and fetish necklaces, belt buckles, bolos, cufflinks, and money clips. Click the gallery above to see some of our favorite pieces.