Stetson's Corner

Stetson is our very own Shop Dog! He is a short-haired collie who rescued Al and Carol almost three years ago. Stetson wandered onto their property and after trying to contact his previous owners with no luck, Stetson decided to make Al and Carol his forever family. Since we don't know when he was born, our best guess at his age is 8 to 10 years old.

Even though he is an older fella, Stetson still gets very excited for his daily walk breaks at the shop. And whoever said "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" hasn't met Stetson! Emily and Casey have been hard at work teaching Stetson some agility tricks. He loves to show them off too!

In 2012, Carol entered a fun photo of our Stetson to a contest run by InStore Magazine. Out of all the dogs in the country, our very own Stetson won! He was voted InStore's "Top Dog" of all the jewelry stores' shop pets. Stetson got his very own trophy that is proudly on display on our front counter.

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